Advise needed

Hello there, my sister had the terrible news this morning of hearing that she lost her partner of 12 years to a motorbike accident. He left behind 2 young children. My sister was very dependant on him and he was her absolute rock. Just wondering if there is anywhere I can point my sister to in the right direction. She’s still in very much a state of shock…will doctors be able to help her. I would appreciate any feedback. Many thanks

Hello Marcia
What a dreadful tragedy for your sister and her children .
I’m sure she will be in a state of shock and disbelief about her partner’s death. My partner died suddenly and I just couldn’t believe it and weeks later I still can’t.
This traumatic grief is the worst kind the shock is horrendous.
If you or family can be with her, help with practical things ,babysitting ,meals, shopping . Help her arrange the service but let her choose what she wants. Giving her time away from the children IF she wants it. Let her talk and cry IF she wants to.
Doctors may be able to prescribe something to numb the shock but nothing really helps.
Try not to say things like “time heals”
" he wouldn’t want you to be upset" they don’t help at all.
Counselling helps some people but not others. There are support groups for people with young children.

I wish her well in the very sad time ahead . J x

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