Afraid of outside my bubble

It is almost 9 months since I lost my lovely husband .Everytime I communicate with anyone other than my 2 friends(I have no family) I am floored by what people come out with.
Yesterday someone said “It’s almost a year and you’re still grieving you have to move on it’s not good for Zeki for his sou”
Of course afterwards although my intelligence knows better it still disturbed me .She actually made me anxious about my Zeki
Thank goodness I have this Forum of normal kind people to listen to and sometimes speak to.
Love and hugs to allx


I lost my sister 10 weeks ago. I got to 4 weeks before someone told me she was only my sister i should be fine by now.
Around the same time my brother in law was being told he shouldnt be wearing his wedding ring anymore.
People just dont have a clue. But it really can get in your head and mess with it.
Im sorry people are being like that with you.

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@19Lefke95 Aren’t people dumb? You grieve for your husband in your own time, not for the benefit & ease of others. You feel like saying: I’m sorry I’m not improving to your bereavement schedule. 9 months is not long at all on the scale of things. Grief takes as long as it takes. You’re the only one going thru it. As my late Dad used to say: Tell um bollox (apologies for strong language) X

Thank you for your reassuring words .Actually when my husband was absolutely infuriated by someone he would have used the B——- Word .He was probably speaking through you to me .But anyway thank you for your support.I have been going through a very bad patch,seemed to go backwards but these ambushes happen.It’s my husbands birthday on 8Jun.
Love hugs and supportx

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These people and their remarks absolutely stagger me .But what goes around comes around they say.They May we’ll have to face this agony
Support love hugs x