after bereavement

feeling very lost


I feel the same, we feel lost I suppose because our world is suddenly different and not what we’re used too, I am 3 months on but still feel, “has this really happened?” I find i have gone from not wanting to be at home to feeling I only feel safe & secure at home, I go to work, do the garden, go out with friends, joined a couple of activities so I’m trying but I wonder if it’s just time that heals? If I’m feeling very low I do something that helps a bit, like going out and buying a cream cake or run a hot bath or just go to bed, just know how you feel is what we have all felt it’s normal.

Join the club with so many members all struggling to find their way, so you a certainly not alone. On this forum you are among people that do understand so stay with us and just read what others have to say and you might not feel quite so lost and it might give you some comfort.

You are not at all alone!
My loss was in January and I am still feeling alone.
I have no family, good friends but they have their own families.
Keep the messages coming especially when you feel low as I am sure someone will be in touch. This site has really helped me especially at the lost times.
Here for you.
Regards Suex

You feel how I use to feel.
My loss was in January and all I wanted to do was go out all day and evening didn’t want to be at home as I have no family and now totally alone.
I went out so much I was exhausted. I wasn’t sleeping not eating very very low.
Life is so different now but I am sure things will get better in time.
How great buying a cream cake when you feel low! lovely.
Like you say we have all been there and messaging on this site really helps.
We are all here together to help one and other.
Take carexxx

I am in the club too.
We are all struggling to find our way out of this sad time.
This forum has been a god send to me.
Like you say this site gives such comfort to know others are out there and we are not alone.

Totally lost my wife passed 2017. Dec and still can’t get on with my life plus I’ll health and friends seemed to have disappeared, live in rural location with nothing happening not even a pub, we did everything together never been apart to long, trying to find meet-up groups did go to one but found them very clicky just don’t won’t this life

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Hi, yea
I am also a reluctant member of this club. My soul mate and love of my life for nearly 44 years died last October. We had no children, I am an only child and both my darling parents are gone too. The loneliness is terrible. I have some good friends and they are helping me to learn to live rather than exist. But they are not my John! All I want is my John. I still take one day at a time and the future scares me! Then I get a day like today, where everything makes me cry. It’s a long journey we are all on, and it’s not easy!
Thank goodness for this site!
Take care all
Heather. X

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