After covid if ever

These are probably selfish thoughts I’m having ,I feel like they are. I wonder what will happen if ever we are all in the position to return to a life without covid. If that day comes and I hope and pray it does will I be able to return to the things I did before. my Rob played ukulele and we would go in ukulele week ends and we met some wonderful friends who we only see on these week ends , I don’t play so I doubt very much I will ever go on one again . We also went northern soul dancing and this I love with a passion, will I ever return to this ,even though you don’t have a partner to dance with I had someone to travel with and to walk into a venue with when I had my .Rob with me . Now he’s not here can I do it alone and I don’t think I can . We did at one point take it quite serious and even got into the fashion side of it he had the Oxford bag trousers and I had the circle skirts and off we would go every week end. I would do anything to get this back again I know at the moment covid is playing a massive part

Not selfish Kazzer, self preservation and brave thoughts is my opinion.

I think it would be difficult the first times but isn’t everything. That you are thinking about shows you might be able to do it though, I think other people would be supportive to you but of course there would be times they may be all in couples and then it will accentuate your loss.

Since we spend most time in pain though maybe it’s worth it for the joy you’d get in between.

Is there any chance you would like to learn the ukelele yourself or is that out of the question. Or do you have some people you could befriend and attend as part of their group maybe? I hope you find a way to go to both things again as any light you can find in life is worth pursuing if you are lucky to find something.

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Kazzer, my Da , he loved his VW Van and was in the process of getting it converted into a camper x I have taken on that project as it was a passion we both had xx We went to a weekend called Camper Jam and enjoyed it so much , live music was our passion x
Now as far I am concerned, I put screen wash, n fuel the rest no clue , however I will Learn n keep this part of him alive!!
I think what I’m trying to say is, do what is right for you!
Yes I could sell the van but at this moment I can’t, I love driving it , it gives me a sense of being close to him.
Take care xxx

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MrsT1 that is so cool about the camper and that you will continue with it. My René and I also went to camper jam and some other VW festivals. It was our friend’s camper (a T2 called Brian after the snail from magic roundabout!) but we went with her and slept in a tent next to her van at lots of fests. She sold it around 5 yrs ago so we didn’t go since but hoped to one day get our own.

The music was always our favourite part too, especially the tribute bands!

Maybe in time you can go to the festivals again but I think its super that you continue with yours and Dave’s van.

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Hi FleurdeLis, we had a a T5 but know I am a proud owner of a T6, I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I won’t be getting it converted TIL next year but I am adamant that I will do him proud :heart:

Ooooh T5/T6 was the ultimate dream at the time we were going to the fests, we saw some amazing conversions at those shows, what an exciting project! I am sure you will do him proud and I’m sure there will be lots of memories but also new experiences potentially that will make you feel close to him again too.

@Kazzer, hope you will find a way to resume your activities somehow too eventually, did you used to make the outfits or could you get involved that way back into the dancing maybe?

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FleurDeLis no I didn’t make the outfits we were both very fortunate to find someone to make them for us . I’m sure I will get back to it because my passion for it is so strong .Maybe not as often as Rob and I went . If not I will have to continue to dance in my livingroom. I have booked a week ender for September so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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