Afterlife on Netflix

Finding myself watching Afterlife…it doesn’t really matter which episode.
Like alot of people on here, I really resonate with the main character Tony (aka Ricky Gervaise).
The characters around Tony do care about him, but they dont understand the grief of losing a long term partner.
The Nurse,a kind and good person…but expecting him to meet her needs regarding starting a relationship.
The new colleague telling him not to be sad.
Even the really likeable brother in law taking him to a comedy club because he wanted to make him laugh.
Funny how the only person who really understands is the lady who sits with him at the graves of their loved ones, because to her, the grief is real.

Such a poignant series…


Tears & laughter all the way thru the series!
I told my kids - he’s got it spot on.

G. X


I loved the series. Like you it resonated with me. I totally got the anger & despair. I’d have loved to thrown a plant through a car’s window hehehe

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Deffo. Genius

I heard about it while my late wife was in a hospice and I didn’t dare to watch it. Now I think I will give it a try.

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Watch it ed9

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Yes, I did watch a few episodes before Christmas but it got a bit annoying and I decided it’s not for me.

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Fair enough. Wouldnt do for us all to be the same. X