Afterlife ?

Hi all! 9 months ago I lost my beautiful Nan! She was the heart and soul of our family and I miss her so very much. I’ve slowly learned how to live with the grief and my days don’t seem as dark anymore. I feel silly writing this but ever since she passed I have been searching for signs, signs that she is still around me and I just don’t seem to of had any which breaks my heart because I really want to believe that she is still here, especially with me. Has anybody had any experience with the after life? Any signs of loved ones? Am I trying to hard to look for them and maybe that’s why I’m not seeing any or have I just completely lost the plot? I can’t stomach the thought of her just being ‘gone’. I was thinking of seeing a medium but I’m a skeptic and I’m scared that I won’t like the results and it will crush any belief that I do have! ? Thank you :blush:

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Dear support123, i found online a physic medium he is absolutely amazing, his name is Matt Fraser look him up. I love him. He is unlike any medium I have ever seen. I felt very comforted by his readings with other people . He is on Facebook, and look up his readings on YouTube. Take care Margarita x

in answer to your question, which, incidentally, you already answered yourself, you are looking too hard, the signs are subtle ones, talk to your nan also very helpful is to write your thoughts, feelings etc in a journal, look for a journal that feels right for you, only use it to talk to your nan, tell her how you feel, what your day has been like, even about things from the past, all as though you are talking to her in the room. in time, as you write, you may begin to get random thoughts as though your nan is replying to the words on the the page this will develop the more you write.

subtle signs can vary, a feather is a common sign, likewise a robin, it can come in the form of a song on the radio, something on TV that triggers a memory, a random thought, even initials on a number plate, I have experienced all if these plus a lot more besides. the subtle signs appears in your line of vision when least expected, we are all guilty of looking too hard, when these signs appear say thank you and embrace the moment, sometimes you may see number sequences, there is a very good site I have used for many many years,

if you feel you want to visit a psychic, please choose wisely and only when you feel you’re ready to take that step.

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today


You can get a sign many years after a loved ones death, so please don’t be too dissapointed if you’ve not noticed anything yet.
Take care

There is quite a lot on Psychic Phenomena xxx

Hi Support 123
Your Nan is very lucky to be so loved, although I’m sure she deserved it.
What I have found since my darling husband died is that I have been looked after., If something is going wrong or I suddenly need help, for little things and big things, like the car breaks down, or on one occasion I ran into ditch, there is the right person at the right time there for me, and instantly and at times seeming miraculously… I constantly say, ‘Thank you,’ and feel such warmth and gratitude, but it has not let me down in six years! You might start by saying, ‘Gran I known you are there for me, thank you’!
A couple of months before John became very ill, I was in the woods on my way upstream. As I passed some bamboos, a very clear voice said in my right ear, ‘There is a deer in the woods.’ Well I don’t hear voices. However, I thought ‘Well I know there are, up the hill other side of the field.’ So I right away forgot about it and walked on. 50 yards along and I came to a big tree and on the other side of the tree lying curled up was a young deer! Thinking that was odd I sat down to wait for it to wake up. But after 20 mins I felt I should leave it or it would only get scared. So I went. I went back later and it was still there and had moved a bit, so I left it. In the morning it was stretched out as if running, but had been partially eaten. I realised it had probably been killed and was sad. The next day it was as if it had never existed, no bones, nothing. But what that did mean was that 6 months later a baby deer came falling out of the woods. It had mange, but also it had a broken leg, very bad. When I went to it to see how bad it was it screamed so loudly and heartrendingly I realised how badly it was broken, the leg stretched out and dangling. Because of my experience with the other one I knew it might be eaten alive and I knew how terrified it would be. So I rang for help so everything I did would be quick. First I covered its head with a towel and from that moment it was still and quiet. I got a large fire guard and placed it over the top, then slabs of slate, rock etc. and all over a large towel and covered in the sides., In the morning it hadn’t moved but was dead. It struck me that had been a gift. There is more than we know and I could tell you more, so be confident, Gran will be looking out for you. Best of luck.

Its been 6 months since my partner passed away and one of our songs was she will be loved by maroon 5 and it came on the radio a few days after he passed away and again before christmas i took that as a sign as i havent heard ir for a long time.
When dad passed 4 and a half years ago we would get white feathers and have found them in the strangest of places in a bag of clothes on my rug in my bedroom and one fell on the windscreen of the car when i was getting a lift back from the hospital after beeing partner had a 50/50 chance survival i also took them as comfort
But not had any more signs from my partner and not had any white feathers for a while but i do hope there is an afterlife i really do x

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