Since my wife passed away, when i get upset the right side of my face tingles and it feels like someone stroking my face. Its always the right side. The side my wife slept on.has anybody had signs they cant explain ?


I’ve heard that this is something the spirit does to let you know they are there.


Yes definitely I have had many signs like that for sure … usually all around my head my partner used to make me feel that way when he touched me or looked into my eyes I’d get tingles he was the love of my life and I was his I miss him severely. We are the lucky ones most people think I’m nuts when I tell them things your wife is still around you for sure treasure those moments sending you hugs :hugs:


@Oldcabgit when my husband was in hospital and I was sat with him I felt a hand on my back as if someone was comforting me. It wasn’t long after we were told my husband had no brain activity. I also felt a hand like pressure on my head the night after he died when I lay down that was after the TV went on and off by itself in the bedroom. Also recently, my husband has been gone 13 weeks, I asked for him to prove he was with me and asked him to play a certain song in the car next on the radio. They played it after they had finished taIking I burst into tears. This has happened twice. Cannot be a coincidence. I hope not!