Alcohol and grief

I am drinking to cope with the grieve, my partner hates me drinking but I feel empty and sad

Hi I know your pain. I lost my lovely Geoff in June 2017 two days before we were due back from holiday. He had a massive heart attack. Part of me died that day too and I drink to numb the pain too. My son hates it. How much do you drink? Mine’s bottle of wine per day sometimes bit more.

To be honest, my husband would be disgusted with myself I did start drinking alcohol or taking drugs, he certainly wouldn’t wanted me with another man in life , because he knows I am not seeking things like that.The reality why my husband died…

Hi i understand the drinking my best friend at the moment is mr Stella Artois .My late darling wife will hate me doing this but being completely alone .It gets me out of reality and into a lonely but fuzzy and pain numbing time

Well have you thought to go to counselling about your excessive drinking alcohol? I lost my husband because of some doctor made a fatal decision and brought four people in a devastating situation.When I say four ‘ my husband who was still young enough ‘ myself and two children ‘ages 13 years and 18 years.My husband and myself only were 8 years married but well over 20 years knowing each other.We went to see the boats even we wanted to build a boat we done the gardening together and cooking together a happy marriage .But this story which we isn’t a story is not good.Some wise men took four lives and is not normal in his head.A abnormal desease himself.Many incidents after my husband died happened, my husbands car was damaged and this 3 day’s before his cremation.Neighbours who we , my husband and myself never liked had the nerve to show up ‘ the cousins of my husband who kicked him years ago in her house with high heels and bullying tactics also called to the funeral service.And it has not stopped.I take this seriously enough what happened and all what people do messing things up.The Housing Association plumper put two times a faulty shower system up a lose wire.A psychiatric person keeps pestering me and laughing the way my husband got doubt with and insisted that my husband apparently did die of cancer ‘ which I am convinced he didn’t ‘ the biopsy results are not showing anything, my daughter is getting watched by some off licensed garage owner who keeps looking up into her bedroom ‘ which is not allowed ‘ some people thinking that my family is their property which we are not.And Threats like these are not welcome.

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