All alone

Feeling really low since losing Rosemary 8 month’s ago i am just deserted from friends and neighbours every day is one more nightmare.
I feel as if I’m forgotten we had many kind friends but now nothing. Walked pasr neighbour who was in garden just turned amd walked away What have i done my son never contacts me my daughter seems more interesting in playing florence nightingale to my late wife’s sister and her husband. Just feel that i am at the limit that i really cant continue with such loneliness really run out of energy physically and emotionally. Just want to end this continuous torment


Sorry regarding the loss of your wife.
I am only 11 weeks since my husband passed away so early days. But i know regarding the way family and some friends have said they would help but nothing has happened. I have basically done everything myself or had to pay someone to help me with the things i could not do myself. Maybe they just promise but i wish they did not because it hurts more
I understand people have busy lifes so i would not bother to ask for help. My husband would be upset if he realised i had no help from family members.
I take this experience to give me strength to keep going as i am sure it is what he would have wanted me to do. Please look after yourself as it is important to carry on with life as it is precious and all we have left.


Sorry to both of you for your loss, I’m reading through your message, I too lost my mum 4 months ago, I have no immediate family to help me nearby, I feel so alone, nobody wants to know, I feel im really struggling with everything, and when I want to talk, I’ve no one.

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Thank you for your kind words i get so depressed that all i have done over the years to help people not one can provide any help i did have a neighbours granson come and help in the garde moving heavy pots around as i sold our hot tub because i couldn’t bare looking at it bought back to many memories i paid him and he said he would come back to help put it all back again. He didn’t even have the courtesy to come back so ai with a serious back injury done it on my own when i told his grandad he just shrugged it off as he young.
They haven’t spoken to me since when we have been friends for over 30 years so dammed unkind this is what i put up with daily
Take care


Sorry to here that you have no one helping. It seems that this is something a lot of us have in common if only there was a general tradesman site we would use to help us with tasks around thr house and garden. I too cant lift pots in garden or do repairs around the house. I had cancer 3 years back but have had good results over the last 2 years so things looking ok for now but monitored for another 8 years.
I dont know who to trust anymore and some tradesmen charge a fortune and i have to watch the money i have.
Life goes on but time seems to stand still.
I only hope it improves with time i really do not want to feel unhsppy or sad and reliant on help.
Take care

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I am so lucky. If I can’t find a decent tradesman my neighbour lets me borrow her husband. He has fixed a smoke alarm and a wobbly toilet seat so far. But the first gardener I found ripped me off charging £200 for a couple of hours work. My current gardener is lovely. He will sit and chat and not charge me for the time. His rates are normal for a gardener in the area.

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Thanks hopefully will find a nice gardener soon. I was hoping to be early spring as not much will be growing in Scotland in the winter months x

I’d loan you mine but I think Somerset to Scotland might be a bit of a commute. I found mine on Facebook.

Hi friend,

we are here for you, i also feel a lot of loneliness after my loss,

i know we are not there to physcially help you and be there for you but we are here to support you while also going through the same pain

much love :heart: