All family have died

My husband died in the hospice this morning … eight weeks ago he was fit and well. He was diagnosed with cancer of the spine, bones, lungs, bladder, prostate and liver. It is so shocking. He has three awful weeks in hospital then five days in the hospice. Both our sons died nearly seven years ago abd nearly two years ago … now there is just me left. I do t want to be here … my life is pointless … it’s a horrible horrible feeling! Thankyou for reading this, Sue x

Hi im so sorry for your loss it’s utterly devastating im heartbreakon destroyed my soulmate of seventeen years passed away in my arms six months and five days ago same here don’t want to be here nothing to live for another long lonely night filled with sorrow and disbelief and sadness take care of yourself as much as possible x

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Dear Sue…When I lost my son my world seemed to end…but for you to have lost two son’s and now your husband I just cannot imagine the pain you are going through.
I know there is nothing I can say that will help you I only wish there was…but I am thinking of you …please take care of yourself…my love goes with you and please remember you have friends on here…Marina xxx


I’m so sorry … Thankyou for responding … this is the third time and it’s so hard … seems devastating. My husband was fine eight weeks ago and then had cancer virtually all over diagnosed. Only co solution I have is that he was in the hospice and those staff every one of them were like angels here on earth … take care and I do hope you can get through one day at a time … Sue xx

Thank you so much Marina … it’s surreal. I wish none of us were going through so much. Sending love from me xx

Hi thanks for the message im so sorry to hear about your loss no words can describe the pain and suffering im in bits it doesn’t seem real all i want us my beautiful angel back in my arms im utterly heartbreakon destroyed there’s no way I can continue anymore I hope my pain ends soon so I can be with my soulmate take care of yourself as much as possible xx


Dear Sue
Words are useless sometimes but my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Message or post whenever you need.
God bless and keep you x


Thank you for caring x

Hi Sue…Thinking of you and wondering how you are coping…
If you want someone to talk to I will be here …Marina xx

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Thank you Marina … it’s just so hard I can’t believe this has happened. Sue x

Oh Sue, my heart goes out to you, it really does. It’s difficult to find anything positive to say. How can any of us ease your pain? Please know that we are here for you. This site has given me so much. I’m sending you love and strength to carry on. Xx


Thankyou. I’m goi g to register his death shortly then tomorrow to the funeral home to arrange his funeral. Third time same funeral home… getting a pro at this I hate it. Thankyou for caring though, Sue x

Hi Sue…I know today is going to be upsetting for you but hope you get through it the best as you can…have you got someone to go with you?..
Thinking of you…Marina xx

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Thank you Marina. Yes my good friends who have been so good are coming with me. You are so kind. Sue x

Hello Sue…Hoping everything went okay at the funeral directors…I know it’s a difficult and heartbreaking thing to have to do and nothing anybody says can make it any easier… I just want you to know I am thinking of you…no one should have to go through what you are going through…life can be so unfair…
My love and thoughts are with you…Marina xxx

Marina… Thankyou for your kindness. All went ok and my sister has stayed with me this weekend. Funeral is not until20th May so just got that to organise abd sort out …many thanks, Sue x

Dear Sue, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss.
I have empathy. It’s just coming up to a year since my husband died, and my dad died last Sunday, leaving me with no one. I’ve tried hard to cope with this, and all I can think is life is short enough, and it’s always been pointless if you think about how we all work hard, achieve and in a moment it’s gone except for those who remember us. I know now I have no one who will care enough to remember me and all the things I have done for strangers. My dad was 96 when he died, with myself and his friends there with him. If I live as long as him I’ve another 31 years of grinding solitude. I’m trying all the strategies to deal with this, but my extended grieving is now too much for some friends who have melted away. I am not going to give up even though despair haunts me. It is indeed a horrible feeling. x

Thankyou for responding … I feel the same. It’s a horrible horrible empty feeling … it’s so hard … Sue x

So sorry for your loss it’s heartbreaking it’s six months and three weeks on Wednesday coming since my soulmate of seventeen years fell asleep in my arms im utterly truamatised witnesing it all happen in front of my eyes im just existing second by second he took my heart with him in my thoughts Adele x


Hello Sue, this is my first post on here but I have also lost two children and my husband so thought tragically we had something in common although I do still have a daughter who lives quite a way away from me. My eldest daughter passed away aged 21 in 1992 and my son who had learning disabilities passed away in 2014 aged 40. My husband was six years younger than me and was strong, fit and healthy. It was a dreadful shock when my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January 2018 and I kept saying ‘don’t take anyone else away from me’ but they did. He died in a Hospice where he spent five days on 2nd April 2018 which was Easter Monday that year. It is still unbelievable to me and I wait for him to come in the door as cannot accept that I won’t see him again. I live in a small village which we moved to five years ago as our dream retirement location. I try to stay positive that we had nearly four years here together and the villagers have supported me in so many ways but there is no purpose to anything now. I am sorry I can’t be more positive although I do have better days than others. If you feel you want to talk I am here. Love & hugs Viv x

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