All the things i miss

I miss the cup of tea jim brought to me in bed,
I miss the hugs and kisses everyday
I miss the laughter and fun
I miss sitting in a cafe having a coffee and chat
Now i sit alone looking out of window or looking at the couple on next table holding hands and my heart breaks.
I miss picking up his clothes (although at the time i moaned)
I miss cooking his dinner
I miss going to our favourite places
I miss saying good night
I miss holidays and relaxing together
I miss our home (i had to move )
I miss his jokes
I miss my old life :sleepy:
In fact i miss everything but most of all i miss my husband.


Dear Misprint,
That sums up how I feel and I’m sure many more do on this not wanting to be on this painful journey. I would add that I miss coming downstairs in a morning to make a cuppa and being faced with a sink full of fish from the night before and thinking good grief does anyone else wake up to this!!! How I long for those fish now as Pete would still be here. I also miss going to Cornwall every year.
Love Jenny x


Thanku kingfisher you did make me smile was feeling low today till i read about fish in sink. All the annoying stuff we would have back now if it meant our loved ones was here. Xx

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@Misprint me too. I just miss him.x


Yes Misprint if only we could. Sending you love and thinking of you.
Jenny x


I too have fish but mine are in a pond jim would sit for hours watching them

I have only just seen this and what a true summary of our situations.


I miss waking up to find him watching me to see if I’m awake,
I miss the cwtches first thing in the morning then the cat jumping on us for a fuss taking it in turns to trample over both of us,
I miss the chatting and laughter throughout the day,
I miss being able to read him like a book because he was so bloody predictable,
I miss having little jokey arguments where we’d rip into each other then both start laughing,
I miss cwtching up on the sofa both telling each other it’s their turn to find something to watch on Netflix,
I miss the whole do you want to go for food? Yes where? I don’t know where do you want to go? palaver we used to have,
I miss all our daily routines we used to have,
I miss going walking and enjoying the outdoors together,
I miss the chilling on the sofa or in the garden with a bottle of wine on a Saturday evening,
I miss talking about the future and where we were going to go away next,
I miss the noise he brought to the house,
I miss his silly sense of humour,
I miss the private jokes we had,
I miss being able to jump into bed at the end of a bad day and have him squeeze me tight,
I miss everything about him, even the stuff that drove me crazy,
I miss him so much :broken_heart::sob:


I miss his voice
I miss gazing into his beautiful brown Eyes
I miss his smell
I miss him laying next to me in bed
I miss his mannerisms
I miss his protection
I miss his intelligence
I miss all our history we had together
I miss his smile
I miss sitting next to him in his car
I miss eating dinner with him
I miss the simplest things
I miss the annoying things
I miss his cuddles
I miss his reassurance
I even miss his snoring
I miss the future we were denied


I miss his voice
I miss his laugh
I miss wiping his crumbs off the side cos he didn’t use a plate when he made a sandwich!
I miss hearing him breathing beside me in bed
I miss hearing him snore beside me in bed!
I miss him coming up behind me for a snuggle when I was cooking dinner
I miss seeing him sunning himself on holiday, happy as a pig
I miss him telling me useless white lies, with the lying face on him, where he knew, i knew, he was lying!
I miss how all children used to love him and gravitate towards him cos he had a pure heart and they knew it
I miss seeing his wide smile when he would come back from riding his motorbike
I miss him saying “I love us”
I miss his texts in the morning and his kiss goodnight
I just miss him



I miss his laugh.
I miss his humour.
I miss his texts.
I miss his phone calls.
I miss him getting in to bed and getting his iPad and headphones.
I miss his coffee smell.
I miss him forgetting his coffee and running out to give it to him.
I miss being in the car with hime listening to music, laughing and missing our turning due to being distracted in each other.
I miss his positivity.
I miss his enthusiasm.
I miss watching him get ready for work.
I miss his ability to turn his hand to anything.
I miss his protection.
I miss his support.
I miss his encouragement.
I miss his kisses and cuddles.
I just miss him!!!


Hi everyone, I’ve had such a torrid day today. Like all of you have said ‘I miss him’.X