Almost a year

I am feeling particularly sad this evening. On 26 Feb it will be a year since losing my lovely Dad. I rehomed my Dad’s 2 dogs. I had to make the difficult, but kindest decision in November to let Tina to go due to ulcerated tumor, Today the other dog, Abby, I had to also say goodbye to too. She had internal bleed & vet advised due to Abby being in great pain her professional advice to let her go. Which I know again was right. But as both dogs were part of Dad they helped me cope with my grief, & so this latest loss, near to Dad’s anniversary is quite shattering. However both dogs brought joy to my life and enriched it too. I cannot belive is almost year since losing Dad, I am reflecting back more than ever. I miss him so much. Maybe the the dogs are reunited with him. That is a nice thought. I have lovely memories & photos of Dad & the dogs. Never ever be forgotten.


You’ve given a lot of happiness to your dad and your dogs, You’ve done them proud. I believe that the Great Divide is just a short one despite the enormous pain from missing them so much. Pls take care Xxx

I beleive the dogs will be with you’re dad enjoying walks, and snuggles in a different place.

Hi Greenfields. My daughter is passionate about all animals and has caskets for 3 of her dogs. She always talks about the rainbow bridge as an animal heaven and I think it sounds a beautiful place.

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