Alone forever

6 days ago my life came crashing down ,i lost my husband with no warning just like that ,he entered into hospital for a urine infection ,then 20 days after went into a coma and died …it was just me and him for 20 years of my life and our,teenage son ,i live abroad so i have no family here they are in UK they came to support me but will go back soon and i will be left in this foreign country alone ,i am so lost here ,since he did everything , we have animals and a cafe which now i have to battle the relatives to keep … And he left me in big debt ,i don’t want to be here because everything is him but i need to carry on for my son but its so hard …i don’t even want to get out of bed and my son is blocking it out like its not happened …i feel guilty that we argued the months before he went into hospital over stupid things and never really got to say bye to him ,i am only 40 years old and now alone ,i have a big battle ahead of me now but don’t know if strong enough …i don’t even know what hell awaits me until i speak to lawyers i could lose my home everything on top of losing the love of my life


Dipzy, what a horrible place you find yourself in and I do hope things are not as desperate as you feel they. The first few weeks after you loss your husband are the worst in our life. Given time somethings do improve and I do hope things become better. We are always here for you and I know others on this site will be sending you blessings and love. Take little steps and don’t rush things. Sxx


I’m sorry you feel like this, maybe speak to a lawyer as soon as you can as you may be worrying over nothing? if things are bad though maybe consider walking away and moving back to the Uk?

One way or another it will sort itself out.

In respect of arguments, I read somewhere the following “If things are great for 99% of the time & not for 1% (arguments) when you grieve you focus on the 1%)m it’s just a part of grieve, it’s really weird when your loved one is here you think nothing of an argument but when there gone its all you can think about, what would your husband say to you if he could?


So sorry hope everything gets sorted out for you lv hugs annie x