Alone yet not?

Are we talking to each other to fill the space left?

The brief contact on this page and reassurance that others are suffering too, jolts me out of myself to connect.

Yet, still, the only one I truly need to contract to, is just beyond my grasp🦋


So well written. We all need our person back.

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I don’t want to be one of those people that others avoid in the street. So now when people as I say I am fine. They do not need to know how deeply sad and lost I am. I would love to talk about my husband it keeps him present but others do not want to hear. They feel by now I should be moving on with life but my life has stopped. I honestly don’t know how I get through each day. I miss my H so much and the sadness will never go. I do hope in the future I can sit and smile at all the good times and live we shared together x


I feel this way too. Not so much the moving on bit, but the feeling that by saying I’m okay, I’m fine, I’m not burderning people with my grief. I’m not a very social person anyway, it exhausts me and has done for as long as I recall the only person I didnt feel like that with was my partner, so I dont want to push the small number of people who still make the effort to check in with me away.


I feel the same way about my wife. I think you have to put a brave face on or people will avoid talking to you. I do sit and sometimes smile about the good times, the memories but that is rare. My life has stopped as you said.
I don’t have a pet yet, our pet died and I didn’t replace it but a neighbor has a pet and I sit with their dog sometimes and talk to him about my wife.
Bless you


We have a dog, a Jack Russell called Fred, he was so dedicated to my partner, Charly, he was always by her heels or on her lap, I know he misses her too and now he’s always attached to me.