I feel very lonely. I’m not often alone but I miss my husbands company so much. I miss that whole having one other person in the whole world who lives for you. Knowing you’re their world.


Yes Kat I can relate to you. I lost my husband in August and I have never felt so alone I feel that I’m getting worse as time goes by. At first I was still expecting him to walk in house with his usual smile. But it is dawning on me that will never happen and its making me more anxious and depressed. Everyday I feel so depressed and just cry all the time I hate my life without Jim. People say it will get better but not for me I’m so lonely and wish I could just never wake up and be with Jim again.

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I still have our two youngest at home so I’m heavily relied upon and kept busy. But I completely agree that the loss feels harder the more time passes.

Sorry for your lost I’ve just lost my partner an the pain is unbearable you all will feel my pain he leaves his 1 year old behind can’t imagine life without him life is cruel I went to see him yesterday an told him how much I loved him an the funeral 22nd

Hi Kat.
Sorry for your loss, I can certainly relate to that, I lost my wonderful partner 15 weeks ago today, it took me almost 50 years to find him and we had only been together just under 5 years when he was very suddenly snatched away from me, he is the only person who always had my back and was my world and him mine, as he used to say" you just get me".
I never knew such powerful love like that existed, I will treasure our time together forever but its so hard to live my life without him.
I also have good people around me but feel extremely lonely because the best part of me died that day too.
I’m very glad I found this forum because unless you’ve been through such great loss it very hard to understand how painful it is.
Everyone tells you it gets easier but I do find it hard to see joy in anything now, my dogs are the only thing that keep me going.
Life can be cruel.

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Hi Kat
I know exactly what you mean, I lost my husband in August and I miss him constantly, I have 2 teenagers at home so am rarely alone but I am always lonely as the other half of me, the one person who got me completely is gone x

I know exactly how you feel, I lost my wife of 46 years 12 weeks ago,
I was her full-time carer for the last two years, she was my wife, friend and my job, I’m totally lost without her, may sound stupid, but I still talk to her as if she’s still with me, Your not alone he’s with you in your heart and mind.

So many ppl r hurting its so hard :cry: an you can’t control any off it :sleepy:

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Worst possible pain. Death seems easier than living with this pain.

I’m sorry for your loss.

I totally understand where you are.

I lost my partner in November after a 4 year battle with breast cancer. We had three children together, but even when they’re around I feel utterly lonely.

I’m not a very social person, I find socialising exhausting, always have, but with her I was always comfortable, we were together 19 years and I always felt I could be myself with her like I couldn’t around anyone else, and now thats gone.

I too feel like its getting harder each day, I’ve been told it doesn’t get “easier” in the sense that you feel it less, but that you learn to live with it, but like you, for me that feels a long, long way away.

It doe death does seem easier than the pain we are all feeling this pain if I never had the kids to keep me going that wat I would want then nomore pain nomore

I often talk to my partner too. I have three photos on the wall above an altar the girls and I created for her and I tell her how much I miss her.

My youngest (7yo) decided early on that “Mummy is on the moon” and if I see the moon when out walking the dog or as I’m closing the curtains to go to bed, I’ll say goodnight to her whilst looking at it.


Its hard isn’t it the pain we feel

It is.

I used to think that when people talk of pain, being broken hearted and the heartache, that it was all metaphorical. Like, how could something like that cause actual physical pain, but it does, it really does, just thinking about her, not waking up next to her, sitting in the same room as her each doing our own thing but being there as company to each other, it genuinely leaves pain in my chest and makes it feel hard to breathe.

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Thts exactly how I feel feel like I can’t breath my heart hurts that much me n my partner did everything together didnt have chance to say goodbye hurts the most we had our ups n downs but I hope he’s knows how much I loved him he leaves his little girl behind :broken_heart: heartbroken badly

Thinking off you because its not nice at all wat we are going threw