Am I entitled ??

So since my husband had passed away I have been living off my savings? I have’s always worked and would in the the future like to get back into work . But my savings are dwindling and I really don’t know if I am entitled to anything? I just feel so lost p

Hi sorry for your loss. I have not been back to work for 7 months so I don’t get paid as I am a nurse doing bank shifts. I have my husband pension to live on I think it depends on how much savings you have to get any entitlements. You can get Widows allowance hate the word widow sorry I get 100 a month not a lot but some thing xx

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Hello, Kim is correct, you can get Bereavement Support Payment, although as it has been more than three months since your husband sadly died, it will be at a reduced rate, apparently. I think that’s a ridiculous law that people should get a reduced rate for applying late, but that’s what it seems to be - maybe check with Citizens Advice Bureau.

As for other benefits, if your savings are below 16k, you’re entitled to Universal Credit if not in work or working reduced hours. There’s a website called “entitled to”, you could try that.

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I’m a retired Financial Adviser (Social Housing). The advice about Bereavement Allowance is definitely your first course of action and processed really quickly. Rules around state pensions have also changed, needs advice that takes into consideration your particular situation. I think we all found it a real challenge to sort out our finances when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one. At work, my team, when a request came in for a home visit following someone passing away, gave reassurance that we could wait and carry out a financial assessment after the funeral. There are some good links to benefit advice that I worked on with Sue Ryder, but even then they might be too general for your situation. Please private message me if you feel I can be of assistance, whilst it is not appropriate to contact organisations on your behalf, hopefully I can give you information tailored to your situation.


The Martin Lewis website has an excellent benefits calculator. Schrol down the page to the start prompt.


Thank you just really feel completely out of my depth with all this bit appreciate all your advice x

@Abdullah I f you check the BSA is not available to everyone. It depends on age.

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I have just put a useful link to benefit advice, see ‘Benefit advice/information’ in General Chat. This includes access to a benefit check too.

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Tbh, I enlisted the help of the co op who arranged my husbands funeral as I really had no clue! They where supposed to take care of everything however I’ve done more of the sorting out than them! Really don’t k ow what I’m paying for!!!

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