Am I mad?

My husband will have been gone three months this Saturday. Before he died we always had a routine. I would get up at 7.30 deal with anything our cat may have done in the litter box, get out his medication etc and then at 9.00 go down to help him get up. I still do this at 9.00, as I go down the stairs I call to him and say I’m on my way; in reality I’m going to have a shower. When I’ve come back in having been shopping I always call up ( we live in an upside down house) and say I’m back. Am I going mad?


Dear @Camembert

I am sorry for the loss of your husband. You are not going mad and what you are doing is perfectly normal and helps with the grieving process.

It is healthy and good that you are still keeping up the same routine and chatting to your late husband at the same time.

I am sure there are many on here that will identify with this also.

Take care and continue to reach out.



You are absolutely not mad.
I do the same. My husband always used to say “Honey, I’m home” when he came in, and I say that each time I come home now too.
It makes me smile.
I talk to him so much & I kiss his photo daily too.


Your not going mad, I talk to Doug all the time. Always kiss his photo every night and tell him about my day. I love chatting to him in the garden his favourite place to be. I know he will still be moaning about the way I cut the grass. Your supposed to go up and down in straight lines, it frustrated him I cut grass like I hoover. :heart: