Am I weird

My mum died 5 days ago and I was there when she passed I cant cry people are asking how I am and looking to see a tear but I can’t this is giving me anxiety as I feel I should be what is wrong with me

I was the same when my husband died. I didn’t cry. I did plenty of crying when he was ill, we sobbed together. I think you go into shock. The tears came later for me. Take care!

We all react differently, no two people react or feel the same, our grief is a personal thing, don’t be hard on yourself



Hi . You are in shock , the tears will come eventually . My mum passed five months ago and i seem to be crying more now .
Take care Angie x

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My dad passed away at the end of April this year. It was a tough one. I didn’t really cry either and people seemed to think it was strange. I always put it down to the fact that I’d grieve once we’d had his funeral and everything was sorted out as I was the one was sorting all the arrangements. It’s only been the past few months where it seems to have hit me and I went through a patch where I’d get up and cry, go to work and cry then come home and cry. We do all react and process situations differently and sometimes it is just delayed shock. Rest assured there isn’t anything wrong with you. Just take each day as it comes. Take care.


You’re not weird everyone grieves in different ways at different times. You can have a delayed reaction its your brains way of helping you cope as its too over whelming . I did this woth my grandmother she was as close to me as my own mother I didn’t cry for about a week until one day my brain realised she was definitely gone and she wasn’t ever going to walk through the door to see us again. I’ve lost my husband in May and its only this last month or so that I’ve been able to try and grieve him as so many things to do when someone passes away you don’t get chance to grieve also my brain wouldn’t let me think about him as it was too much of a shock to realise he was no longer here and I couldn’t cope with it so that was my brains way of coping for months by not letting me think about the loss. I hope this helps you will grieve in your own time dont worry

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