Ambushed again!

Volunteering at the foodbank today and an innocent phone call to a husband to pick her up with “see you very soon darling, I love you” hits you like the stone from David’s sling, right bang where it hurts so much!

Had to quickly & quietly leave the area to compose myself & wash my face.

I so long to hear my beloved Marian’s voice say “I really love you” to me again.

One day when the “temporary separation” is over, I will but the wait is so hard. :pray:t2::blue_heart:


Dear @jomar

Thank you for sharing your post with the Community. All of us at some point on our bereavement journey will be able to identify with your words.

It is the little things that remind us most of what we have lost. Keep up the good work with the Foodbank and continue to reach out any time. We are all here for you.

Take care.



@jomar, I am sorry for your loss.
I know what you mean - when I hear others saying this, I breakdown as all I want is to hear my baldy tell me he ‘loves me’ x

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@jomar I can quite understand how this floored you. It can happen at any time.
Hugs xxx

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