An Admin Point

Is there no facility to edit one’s own messages after posting ?

Hi Edwin,

This facility isn’t currently in place, however we do know that many of our community members would appreciate it so it’s on our list of improvements to make.

Thank you for your feedback.

With best wishes,

Thank you

Here’s another point, if I may.

If and when new joiners complete the “About You” area in their personal profile, using a current measure of time since an event, rather than an actual date, then the information becomes very inaccurate and misleading as time moves on.

For example, writing “Ten days since . . . .” remains in the profile for ever, or at least until it is edited. Far better to write, “X happened on 1st September 2018” for example.

I find it quite important to my understanding of what people feel, to know how far into their journey they are.

I wonder if some sort of advice may be given to new joiners to complete this area with a date?

Does anybody else see it this way ?

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I’ve been trying to change my profile photo. Everything goes fine until “Save” then the image rotates 90 degrees.
Advice anyone please.

Emojis - I wish we had emojis…

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