Anger issues after loss of father

Hi all I have found this forum very useful as I tend to bottle things up and cope with everything on my own. 3 month ago I lost my father who I was very close to. He was a super fit fun loving dad and it was a massive shock when he died at the age of 50 (cancer). I thought I was coping ok until very recently when I started becoming angry at the most stupid of things. I am newly married and have 2 wonderful children and I need to get back to the active fun loving person I have always been. I don’t want my family to see me as and angry miserable git that I feel I am turning into! The thought of speaking to a councillor face to face at the moment is a bit daunting so this feels like a big step. I welcome the chance to hear others experiences and advice. Thanks

Hi sorry for your loss .I see a councillor i find it helpfull .She doesnt crticize and its useful just to blabber on or breakdown .I definitely encourage you to see 1.You have the added complications of having a family and trying to hold it in .Im on my own and i find it good to offload to a stranger