How do you deal with anger? My husband passed away 10 months ago, I thought I was coping okay but I seem to be angry at everyone and everything.

I am also becoming so intolerant to what is going on around me. I have walked out of three shops this weekend, purchasing nothing. I went into a large pet sales shop and wanted a well know flea product. I was however informed by a rather young jobs worth that the exact weight of my dog had to be I was told to bring my dog in and have her weighed. I walked out and went to another shop and purchased with no problem. I tried to do some shopping in a well known supermarket not known for having many tills on the go. Waited in a long queue, then problem with the till (why does it always happen to me) So left with no shopping. I thought I was coping and was quite chilled with everyone at first but now is a different matter.

Hello Pattidot!
I am relieved that it is not just me! I don’t know how you are coping but I have started to take a deep breath before I open my mouth. It seems to help more often than not.
I know that anger is a part of the grieving process but I thought it was anger towards the person who passed away for leaving you.i didn’t realise it would be anger towards anyone and everything. Hopefully it will pass!
I hope you are coping ok, if we can help each other, let’s do it!

We get angry because we see it as so unfair. We feel we have been victims of injustice, and the only way to release that feeling is to get angry. Actually it’s a natural response to adversity. ‘Why me’? I know what you mean Pat. Some days everything seems to go wrong. I think maybe our state of mind contributes to this feeling. It’s almost as if we attract trouble. But, unfortunately, anger only makes us more tense and our anxiety much worse. Although it’s difficult not to feel angry at times, it does nothing to help how we feel. Guilt can make us angry. We are angry with ourselves for, maybe, not living up to the standards we set ourselves when our loved one was with us. But none of us I am sure did anything that deliberately upset anyone. We did our best, but we are human and make mistakes. Looking back we may see where we went wrong, but it’s gone now and remorse helps no one.