angry sad alone and confused


All you have said is loss who ever you have lost I’m truly sorry for you and hope you can get some comfort from this form thinking of you .

hiy and thank you but am new to this kind of thing lost my dad thought i moved on but his birthday came and it has it me more iam alone to think thoughts that won’t go that leaves me sad and confused because i fil anger al the times

Please believe me you are not alone there are lots of us all goingon this journey I am truly sorry about your dad no matter who we lose it is just so overwhelming .
I lost my husband on the 26th of November and at times I get so angry have you family or close friends that you can also talk to you have done well just coming on this site as there will be lots of people who will listen and try and support you please take care and try not to be so hard on yourself we will all muddle along you will be in my thoughts .

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thank you on taking the times to reply i have tried talk to friends but they don’t seem to get how my feelings are i have never felt like this before i get things said like come on snap out of it but it isaint like a button i can turn of the thoughts and feelings don’t go

Hi paulanders
I’m so sorry you are not getting the support from friends being told to snap out of helps no one it could only be said by some people who have not felt this pain.
Could you not go and see your doctor they will have the names and places you can go to get more help please go and ask this is a hard enough journey to do with support it must be so heartbreaking with out anyone to support you .
We all need support and some times if it’s people who don’t know us we can open up more please keep coming on the forum and let me know how you are doing we all care and we are all here for each other just remember you are not alône .
I will be thinking of you .