Hi my name is Anne I lost my partner in June he was wandering around the garden when he felt ill fell and died within 6 minuets. and its tough I miss the holidays days out and the company of someone I loved for 24 years .it does get better slowly it’s never going to be the same but I am trying to live my life the way he would be proud of me and count what blessings I have. I am starting a make friends coffee morning as there are loads of people going through pain and hoping by helping others it will help me too and make new friends .this is helping me and I hope all of you find peace day by day x


Anne, thank you for your post and I am so very pleased that you have such a great attitude to the new life that we have to get use to when our special person leaves us. You are definitely brave because going to a coffee morning or starting to join a new group is very hard . Yes, he would be proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. :clap::clap::clap: keep going and it does get easier because we learn to live with our new life. Take care. S xx

Hi Anne,
I am sorry for your loss, it was lovely to read your positive words.
My husband died just over 12 months ago after several years of ill health. We had been married for 42 years and I’ve had to make adjustments to a different life without him. I Still have my down moments but l know Doug wouldn’t want me to be like this.
So I too have joined new groups, now attend church regularly and volunteer to help when I can.
I have made new friends and have very supportive old friends and a loving family that is always around if I need them.
Life will never be the same just different. I miss the companionship and doing everything together, but I am slowly rebuilding a life, one I hope Doug will be proud of.
My love goes to you
Debbie :heart:

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Hi thank you for your message it is hard but my son said you can’t expect to change your future if you keep living in the past and talking to new people and having a cuppa is a lovely escape for a couple of hours anne

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I think the question is ‘do you want to change your life?’
Yes but and that’s where I am at and have been for sometime. There’s so many things to take into consideration and also what stage /age you are at. Personally, take small steps and don’t rush into anything that may ‘ not right’ at the moment. You are doing really well and remember it’s your choice no one else because no one else lives your life. S xxx

Thanks for the reply I am 69 and have no choice but to do the best I can for the sake of my wellbeing. is move forward living in the past gets me nowhere I can be sad or try and be happy so im work in progress its working slowly but it’s hard take care anne

Hi if anyone lonely and retired and near boston lincolshireand would like to meet up in my cosy quiet pub I would love to have a chat and a coffee with you with the first step anne

Totally understand :heart:

Hi @Debbie57 from what you have posted and the kindness you show us all here in spite of what you are going through I would feel assured that Doug would be exceedingly proud of you.


Hi @Ryan82 , you are such a lovely young man, I know your parents especially your mum will be extremely proud of you. You are very kind and caring and thoughtful.
I reach out to others because we all know what the pain is like, talking to them helps me too. :purple_heart: