I had such plans for today - a long drive to visit a garden/craft fair - on our anniversary and the second without my beloved husband. However, I realise that today is not going to be a day when I want to be others! Somehow I will make it special - just sitting on the bench I have placed in our garden here. Try not to become too emotional and sad - more reflect on all the wonderful times we did share for the 44 years we were together. The day will pass - not in celebration but more in grateful reflection of what an amazing life I shared with a lovely man, I was proud to call my husband.
These special days never seem to get easier for me - just remind me how lost I do feel at times on my own. I know Ronald is close to me spiritually - just would like one of his special hugs!
Take care everyone.

Hi Carole

I hope your day went OK yesterday. Sitting on a bench in your garden remembering your husband sounds a lovely way to spend your anniversary to me. Memories of happier times with loved ones are what gets us through I think.

Losing my Dad over 20 years ago was hard but at least I had my Mum to help me through that time. Losing Mum 2 years ago was awful, I never thought I would stop crying but I did. What has kept me going has been remembering my wonderful childhood with parents who loved me, holidays together and just general silly things we did.

Sorry you didn’t get to your craft fair but it probably would have been very crowded. Garden and raising a glass to your husband sounds much the better option to me. I agree about the hugs. I live on my own and crave a cuddle some days!


Hi Mel!
Thanks for replying. I bought some Windchimes! I am going to hang them up on one of the branches of the dead plum tree that had to be cut down. The idea is to have a rose and clematis growing there. I do normally go out on anniversary days - to places we visited - remembering the lovely times. I feel it is important to mark these occasions and not let them simply pass by as another day, as they never did when Ronald was with me. Yesterday though I just couldn’t face ‘doing’ on my own and felt much better for ‘being’ on my own! If that makes sense.
I weep a lot and accept that as part of my life. It is the sharing that I miss - a smile, a hug, something nice to talk about and share the moment.
Ronald had a good life - challenges along the way - which we faced together. We had some wonderful times together and that helps me now. It is wonderful to know (and remember) just how fortunate I was to have met him and share 44 years together.
Take care.