Anniversary of Dad Passing

Hi everyone. Its the 20th Anniversary of my Dad passing away today. 2nd December its a Void still in our life.My Birthday month November my Mum Passing and my Brother passed away 16th April 2020.
Been sitting here thinking this morning its been Challenging, remembering things about them fun to share little things about our loved ones. Good the Bad ,Ugly.
The memories stay forever in our hearts :two_hearts:. We try Solider on with the support we can get from family & friends. Prayers and Thoughts.


Hi, very pleased to see you say you get support, normally people go into the woodwork after a short time. It twenty years since my mum went, just before her December birthday which I can always remember. Memories are still there and always will be no matter how many years it is. Blessings to you. S xx

How do I deal with Unsupportive Family Members?

How do you let go of the living who have become a source of poison and sickness in your life when you are related to them and have known them your whole life?

Some relatives are do want to participate to move on from our parents passing away. Not contributing to repairs of property. Just awaiting sale.
It’s stressful for younger siblings. :tired_face:

I think I understand what you are asking. The one who are not supportive, they just haven’t been through grief, so either just see them when you want them or ignore them until you feel you can deal with them but it’s how you feel that matters.
Your second question, I see it with a neighbours property which should have sold earlier in the year but one person wanted more money but does nothing to the upkeep. I am afraid it’s what happens when someone dies, it seems to bring out the worst in some people.
It’s hard to bite your tongue but anything else would cause you upset which is not what you need.
Brave face and holding your nerve is really all I can say and yes I have been there and got the wet tee shirt but I did get through it. Take care S xx