Beautiful :heartpulse:

I thought so too. I am so sorry you have lost your beloved husband. I hope you can find some comfort on this forum. Sending love xx

So sorry I last my partner at Christmas I know just how you feel life is so cruel

Dear Alston, I wasn’t all that great - I had bad days too – but she gets the credit. She was a very kind and gentle-spirited person. I saw her when she was happy and sad at times. I learned that I had to do my part and help her. I just want to share that with you — Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about her. I try remember the happy and good times we had. That’s all I have left now. Hang in there!!

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Hi Kate thanks for the song. My husband was a Country and Western singer for thirty years and he sang Slim Whitman numbers this one included. I have a photo of Brian in a frame in front of me very much like the Slim Whitman photo except that Slim is a left handed player and Brian has a cowboy hat on which he hated wearing.
Afraid I had to stop the song, too many memories, can’t listen to Country and Western music anymore.


Thanks Kate so lovely thinking of you and your lovely hubby singing it to each other. Thanking you for sharing a special moment to us. We all have such wonderful memories of our loved ones. xxxxx Carol xxxxx

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Hi Geoff so sorry for your loss of your wife Tanya. Lost my wife Penny :heart:on the 6th November 2019. Penny​:heart: was also diagnosed with Mets Breast Cancer on 17 October 2019. After suffering back pain passed away 21 days after diagnosis. At the time I was recovering from radiotherapy for prostate cancer. On the 5th June would have been our 49 wedding anniversary. Penny :heart: was 67 when she passed away like yourself I feel so lost without Penny :heart:. Please try to stay strong I know hard I feel that way to. Thinking of you.

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