Does anyone know where I can get/order
Navy blue rose
A real single rose
As it be 1 year Valentine’s Day my Dad died
Thankyou :blue_heart::broken_heart:

Good Morning
Not sure you would get Navy Blue having been a florist,but some florist might dye you one.
Best of luck.

Do you know where or what florist
Ours ard closed because this lockdown
My local ruits and fruits florest orderes in flowers but not this p

That is the problem with shut down unless you found one on line ,
Another is the rainbow rose which are lovely but will have red orange and yellow which of course are died.
The florist I use on Line is called Bunches don’t know if they could help usually deliver next day.
They are helpful might be worth a call
Best of Luck.

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But emailed the florist the 1 that used before to do some nice flowered and died some
He said he can do it
Although roses won’t last too long but can dye the rose blue/dark blue for me
Remmembrance for my dad

Glad you got it sorted, true roses won’t last long but if it,pleases you at the time then that is,what it is all about.
Good Luck.

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