It’s coming to 12 months that I lost my wife I find it very hard as we were married for 47 years

@Rodus hi iam so very sorry for the loss of your wife I lost my partner in April it was our anniversary last Tuesday that was hard it must be so hard with the first anniversary approaching I hope you have support around you I wish I could offer you some words of comfort to ease your pain this journey of grief is so very heartbreaking you are in my thoughts stay safe and take care sending hugs x

It’s so hard .I lost my husband 21 months ago…it only seems like yesterday. we were married for 50 years.
Life is so hard and covid has made it harder.
Try to think of the beautiful times you had together and how lucky we were to find such love. X

Thanks for your kind words

It’s gone by so quick where has the last twelve months gone

@Rodus it’s weird each day feels so long yet time has gone by so quick its 4 months and 11 days for me now I am so deeply sorry for your loss and pain thinking of you I hope you find some moments of peace sending hugs x