Hi I have read some of the posts about the death of a husband. I share so many of the emotions expressed.
I lost my soulmate of 27 years at the end of October last year.
No doubt, made worse by the isolation of lockdown, the pain and lonliness is dreadful.
I cared for my husband for 3 years and we rode the waves of trauma together.
Dealing with a broken social care system was incredibly frustrating.
All my friends apart from one ,just after Christmas ( spent alone) told me they would no longer meet up outside with me !
I have no family apart from my brother who lives some distance from me.
One person in my bubble cant meet now as they are shielding someone.
I felt abandoned.
I would love to be part of a support group but I cant do zoom . I found this site by accident.
My heart goes out to each person who has experienced grief especially in lockdown.

Hello Annt…I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your husband…I know from personal experience how this feels to have lost someone close and when you have been with that special someone for a long time …its sounds very isolating for you at the moment with the current restrictions …Being a carer like you for a long time I struggled to adjust to the time I had on my hands after my husband died …but I soon realised that I didnt have to fill my time.and that it was ok to just be …and give myself time to just be in the moment …I have found this site a comfort over the months and I hope you will to…you say you cant use Zoom …I wonder if this is because of the technology or whether for other reasons ? …I ask because I wouldnt say I’m hugely tech …but I downloaded the app first to the desktop of my lap top …and the rest was pretty straightfoward…googling how to do this also helped …I hope you take comfort in knowing you are not completely alone on this sad journey we find ourselves on …sending warmest of wishes your way x

Hi Bab1, thank you for reaching out to me.
Although I am sad for your loss , it is good to know that I am not alone.
I tried zoom once but it didn’t go well! I could see my brother and family but couldn’t hear them and they couldn’t hear or see me !
I did it on my phone so dont know if that was why.
I cant get into my husbands laptop so when I eventually get into it I might give it a try again!
Mind you I am quite relieved if someone cant see me at the moment as I have lockdown hair and haven’t bothered to wear any makeup for months.
Take care . There seem to be so many of us on this journey. X

On the bottom left corner of zoom you will see a microphone sign and next to it a video sign …if there is a line through them it means they are off just click the line and you should get sound and video working …mind you I might be stating the obvious so apologies if I am …like I said I’m no tec …its just that I had to learn on the job after I had to start working remotely due to covid !! …good to hear someone else mention hair and make up .Annt…I’ve always been one to put makeup on …appearing to look ok on the outside even though we aren’t on the inside with hearts full of grief …once again take care x

Hi thanks for help . I am not very competent with technology
So I will look out for that symbol next time .

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