Another Christmas without dad

Hi all

This is my 3rd Christmas without my lovely dad and I’m finding harder still. Very emotional and teary and feeling it difficult to cope but trying extremely hard for my granddaughter and my family. I know it’s important to create memories for them.

My dad absolutely loved Christmas and everything about it and I think that’s why I’m finding it so difficult.

Is anyone else feeling the same ?



Dear @Sharon203

Christmas time is always very difficult as it is all about families coming together and celebrating. Have you thought about celebrating Christmas the way your dad would have? You could go bigger and introduce new traditions with your granddaughter and family.

Christmas can be a particularly difficult time when you are still grieving. There is an article on Coping with grief at Christmas which may be of help to you by Sue Ryder along with Managing Grief by Cruse Bereavement.

I hope the above is of help to you.

Take care.

Peppers x

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Thanks for your advice. I will try the links that you sent.

We do try and keep his traditions and always raise a glass of gin in his memory ( his fav drink) but find it extremely difficult. I still feel I haven’t accepted he’s still not here with us all.