Another day of crying

I was not too bad the last few days. I took my Sertraline tablets which were prescribed by my GP. And I am going to have an assessment telephone call on Monday for counseling. So I thought the weekend will be a bit better - and of course, I was wrong again. I saw by chance a photo of my beloved husband and his father at a birthday party and he looked so happy. Even his brother - who died a few years ago also suddenly and he was only 52 - was there. And wham, I am crying again and cannot stop. It is now over five months since I lost my sweetie-pie and it is getting harder. I bought a pillow with his face on it and I cuddle it most of the time. It does bring me comfort when I see him smiling at me. He had such a lovely smile. Sending lots of love and hugs to everyone.


It must be the day. I seem to be on the edge of tears today and it’s won’t take a lot to push me over. Maybe one of my sister in laws will ring if they are back from holiday. Not on antidepressants. Just wish I could get a decent night’s sleep. Can’t have sleeping pills even herbal ones. Knees seem to be suffering with all the extra work I am having to do. When they hurt it just makes me remember how much he used to do for me and that makes me feel worse.


I know what you mean. Our garden looks terribly but I just cannot face it to go out and start weeding again. Maybe I will have more energy next week after my talk to the mental health nurse and will know more about counseling. I have a few photos where my husband is working in our garden and it looked so tidy afterwards. Sending love and hugs.