Another day

The sun is shining but my Hart is crying I woke up to find I feel more alone to day than I have in a while I had a friend visit last night. Thay were so happy things are going so well for them thay have ever thing I no I should not feel so jealous but could not stop talking about how brilliant things are and how thay could not wate to get home. in the end thay didn’t stay long and I so wanted the company just to speak to someone. There happiness made me feel worse it hit home just what I have not got. I thought stupidly that they came to see me no to tell me how well everything is going for them grefe is a strange and lonely place I doubt l will see her again. No one can Wark this road with you as each path is different but it would be nice if when you stop at a crossroads someone is there.

Hi cj13,

People never fail to amaze me. They can be incredibly insensitive.8 months on from the sudden loss of my mum I still dont see friends and I’m quite ok alone or with my partner and child.
One friend, who has spent 13 years telling me she cant stand her mother, has recently told me all excitedly that she is reducing her hours at work to spend more time with her mum.
A cousin posted a picture on facebook of a family party 4 years ago with my mum, her sisters and cousins. She entitled it, look how much has changed!
The only change was that my mum had died.
I ignored the post and now very rarely look at Facebook.
You can always chat in here. There is always someone to provide company who understands the awful pain of grief.
Maybe in time, we will tolerate our friends again.

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Hi i don’t no wether people are insensitive on purpose, or are just wrapped up in there own world they don’t realise what effect there actions have on people , until they have suffered the loss and pain we have they should count themselves very lucky ,but as we no things can change in a instant ,jon

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You’re right Jon.
It can and does

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