Another Day

It is only 5 weeks since i lost my husband my solemate for over 37 years.

Today i managed to go out for a walk but when i got back the funeral bill was waiting for me and it brought it all back that he was gone and not coming home everything is so final. The tears and pain are now flowing again does this really get any better. I cant eat sleep or even think straight anymore. I keep trying to do things but it hits me badly when i realise that this is not a dream and reality.


I sympathise with how you feel. My husband died a week ago and I’m trying to hold things together as best I can. I’ve been reading some of the lovely things people have said about him in cards and emails and I just want him back. My new life alone is a very scary place.


I find some days I can put one foot in front of the other, other days I struggle to. Baby steps (9 weeks tomorrow)