Another holiday.........with love at Easter.

As we come up to another holiday period, I just wanted to post a message to everyone to remind each of us that we are not completely alone and to wish all of you peace and serenity as you journey along:
Whatever you do over the holiday…hold on to HOPE!
The tiniest thread will twist into an unbreakable cord.
Let hope anchor you in the possibility that the grief you feel today is not the end of
your story…
and trust that the road ahead will lead to more peaceful shores.
Take care everyone. x


Hello Amelie’sgran,

Thank you for those words, and knowing I am not alone in this (I will call it a situation), helps me so much.

Yes, another holiday period we have to get through. We should not have to get through anything, we should be celebrating another holiday period with our loved ones but sadly can’t. Every holiday is another holiday without them, every anniversary, birthday or even watching a TV programme they loved is without them and I just wish it would stop hurting. I wish I could get up in a morning and say, ‘morning love, do you want a cup of tea’ or lay in bed discussing the days events and talking about our children, in my case they are now in their late 40’s, but I can’t.

Life is and never will be the same, I keep wondering when I will go a day and not think about my husband so I will know I am starting to live again but it has not happened yet.

I am looking after our two grandsons, 6 and 8 for the next few days from tomorrow until Monday as one of our sons is moving into his new home with my daughter-in-law and new grandson so that will take my mind off everything. They keep me very busy playing games, all I hear is grandma, grandma all the time and it is wonderful, it is just when I go to bed and I cry because my husband was not here to enjoy time with his grandsons.

Please take care and we will speak again soon.

Sheila xxx

Not quite the same as mum or dad day. This is the first year I’m keeping a close watch on it. I’m hoping for peace and quiet.

Good luck everyone.