Another long's taking the **** now

The third long weekend this month!!! Someone somewhere is really taking the **** !!
I like so many of us, I now hate weekends, and these long ones which used to be a bonus and a joy are now something to fear. They are so , so hard. And made more difficult by the fact that everyone else is so happy about another long weekend.
And the sunny weather just adds to everyone elses joy, and my utter despair.
And everyone at work saying
“Have a lovely weekend” and to add insult to injury “What lovely weather it is, that will help you to feel better!!!”

SERIOUSLY !!! Have they not noticed how I am, how I function, how I’ve changed, and have they not listened to a single word I’ve said!!!
I just find it so so so insensitive.
A few, and I mean 1 or 2 people do get it…so if they can , why not more.

Trying to go to sleep willing myself to dream about my darling, so I get a few moments release from this torture.

Hugs to you all :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I know exactly how you’re feeling. I was talking aloud to him earlier saying I wonder what we would have done this weekend. We’d always go away for the weekend if the weather was nice and it was a bank holiday. We’d go on the Friday and come back Monday, just a little break. I miss that :broken_heart:
I can’t believe we won’t get to do that ever again :sob:


@Cathphil I hate weekends now too. Especially the long ones. Everyone busy doing family stuff, enjoying their gardens & the sunshine. Somehow it seems to emphasise what we’ve no longer got and I hate it! Sending hugs


I can totally relate to what you are saying. Some people just don’t seem to want to see that we are not coping, moving on, getting on with our lives! It is insensitive to suggest that sunny weather can overcome the pain but I just think that it is a fact that unless you have actually experienced what we are going through it is impossible to get it properly. I find evenings are worst and unless I am exhausted and fall asleep straight away ,that’s it, I lay there overthinking everything and feeling worse and worse.
However you spend your weekend, I really hope that you at least find some comfort in knowing that there are so many people on here that do totally “get” how you feel.
Sending a big hug xx


Thank you for means alot
Hope your weekend is bearable too
Hugs :hugs::hugs:


@Jan17 @LostLil
And thank you for your replies.
It really does help so much to get such kind and understanding replies
Many hugs to you both :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Hello every day feels like a struggle but weekends are the worst. I feel as if I’m on a treadmill going nowwhere. My worst time is the morning when the realisation I’m alone kicks in . I try to have something planned for most days and it does ease as the day progresses. I’m 18 months in to this journey and finding this 2nd year much harder as the realisation that he’s gone hits home. I have thought about seeing my GP but not sure whether medication is the answer Counselling has helped and I know this is grief related and we have to just swim our way through the waves even though they knock us about a bit along the way. Being on here helps too .Thanks for listening x


It’s so hard isn’t it.
Feels to me like a long winding road leading nowhere that I just have to trudge along. I’m lucky to have two little dogs that walk with me xx
Hugs to everyone :hugs::hugs:


It does indeed feel like each day comes with it’s own struggles doesn’t it. I am also shocked by how much this lovely weather is actually making me feel so sad! I am a summer person who spends all winter waiting for the sun, but this year although I love being out in the nice weather it always seems to come with that undertone of “Paul would have loved this” or remembering how he too loved the summer. However hard I try it seems to cast a cloud over the day. I think we are all there on that treadmill with you at the moment but I guess we just have to keep moving forward.
I too am considering seeing my GP- not sure whether it will help but I am hoping that it might help to do something pro active. Haven’t tried counselling- not sure how to access it but would give anything a try!
Really hope you have some days that don’t just feel like a struggle soon. Sending a big hug x


If youre intetested in counselling just google it. But Cruse is a good bereavment charity although if you are seeing your dr he will know too xx
I agree with you about the weather though ! You cant even enjoy it.really without your partner here can you :frowning: xxx

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Thanks so much. I had heard of cruise but wasn’t sure what they offered.
It is so bizarre that the absence of one person from your life impacts everything, even down to being able to enjoy some sunny weather.
Hope your weekend was as good as it could be under the circumstances. Thankyou for your response, it does make a difference when someone “hears” you doesn’t it. Xx


Yeh it does ; ) btw its spelt “cruse” and they were doing online text messaging support before but i think they stopped it now ! I used it loads when it very first happened to my husband it was my lifeline tbh ! But you can still ring them or even find out where your local centres are .
All the best xxxx

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