Another Milestone looming tomorrow……..

4.4.2018 would have been our 48th Wedding Anniversary.

My dear husband passed away November 2017 and I’m missing him so much, but especially so on poignant dates like tomorrow.

He was my “everything”, we were devoted to each other and so happy.

I’m reading other comments from members of this online Community, and I can clearly see that how I’m feeling is how so many others are feeling too.

I try to keep up a brave face for the sake of my family who have been so supportive, and I keep busy every single day. At times, it all feels pretty pointless, it just fills the endless lonely hours, until bedtime.

I don’t want to be a complainer, keep getting upset and crying, but thats how I truly feel.

This is the most difficult period of my life, and I’ve had a few “testing” times in the past, but I don’t believe anything compares to the bereavement of your partner.

Members of this online community understand what I’m going through and that’s why I feel I can be honest and receive true support.

Love Elaine x

Hello Elaine,
I’m sorry to read that you are feeling so sad and will be missing your husband so much on your special day, I have some sympathy as it would have been my husband’s 70th birthday next Friday - he died in January and my life is so lonely and pointless without him by my side. I have no magic wand to wave unfortunately, but I wanted you to know that I understand how you feel and hope that happy memories of your life together will bring you some comfort among the sadness.
Ann x

Thank you so much Ann for your reply, I appreciate it.

I am sorry for your loss, next Friday will be a milestone for you too. Its my 70th in April ~ just so many dates that we would have been celebrating together.

I will try to think of the many happy memories I have throughout my married life, its a positive thought, thank you again Ann. Big hug from Elaine x……

Hi Elaine,

I just wanted to check how you are. I’m sorry that you’re having such a difficult time.

My Mum passed away 4 years ago. She & my Dad were together for over 60 years. He feels the same way as you do and also struggles on poignant dates.

Sending you hugs. Trudy x

Thank you so much Trudy, managed to get past my Anniversary with the help of family. Next is my birthday…… April used to be a blessing, but now its a case of dodging difficult days! Sorry to hear about your Dad, hope he is coping okay.
Thanks again & best wishes………

I have only just joined this forum and am amazed that people like you feel just as I do.
My husband died last July and nobody seems to understand that grief goes on. Like you I try not to burden others and keep busy everyday but it feels as if everybody assumes I am getting over it and I think they don’t talk about it any more in case it upsets me. And yet it upsets me more that people don’t talk of him.
It is a great comfort to know that those awful nights alone in sorrow are not felt by just me.
For me one of the worst things is when people say “but you are doing so well”. What the hell do they know about the nights I cry myself to sleep as would give anything to join him!

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