Another week as passed

Well another lonely week as passed by. They go so quick it’s been 6months since my Jim was taken away from me and not one minute has gone by when I’m not thinking of him. If times supposed to be a great healer why do I feel so sad and alone all the time. I’m lost so much as well as my love, I’m lost my future, all our plans gone in a second I have nothing left. Everything seems meaningless now. I get up wash dress take dogs out have a pick at food never a proper meal, sit watching tele then go bed. What a existences . I’m had it, enough is enough .


Dear @Misprint

You are still in the early stages of grief and it is a roller coaster of emotions. There is no time limit on grief. You have to take one day at a time and it is hard.

Do you have family or friends that can support you and have you considered talking to your GP for your support and consider Counselling as to how you are feeling and for local bereavement support groups in your area?

Sue Ryder here has bereavement information and support pages including Counselling services.

If you would like to talk to someone outside of this forum there is the Samaritans on 116 123.

You are special, your dogs love and need you and we are here for you at all times. Please continue to reach out.


Hi misprint
It’s 6 months since mark passed away and it doesn’t get much easier does it. It is still early days for us and when I spoke to my doctor he said it is a long horrible journey and it mightn’t feel like it now but we will come out of the dark tunnel. I have a long lonely Sunday ahead of me too. Wish I could be of more help.
Please take care and sending you a big hug. Xx


Hi misprint it does seem like that doesn’t it but we plod on, I don’t know how I feel anymore it’s seven months and it’s like being a zombie, walking the dog is one foot in front of the other just numbness of feeling and disbelief that this is me !!


Dear Misprint,
I could have written those words myself, it’s been 5 months for me.
My dogs are the only thing keeping me going.
You are not alone, I feel exactly the same. Its so unfair.


Hello my friend, I saw your post and I just want to say, I am with you…All of us on here are with you. We know the sadness, the emptiness and the pain. We walk together through this, and hold each other up as we go. So, I am here with you and for you @Misprint. 100%.


So sad today should have been celebrating my 42nd wedding anniversary instead crying over husbands grave, how could this be ??

@MAB - I am so sorry - my heart goes out to you. This is so, so hard, I know. I was only married for 18 months, with him for a total of 8 years. So to lose someone after 42 years together must be intolerable. It is all so difficult and painful. I wish, I wish, I wish there was some way we could jump to feeling normal again - and of course, even better, if our loved ones could return to us again. Hold tight, my friend. xx


Hi imagine if our loved ones could come back .how happy more than happy we would be .I know I would hold my hubby and never let him go . Xtake care x


I am so sorry I have no words to make you feel better today. It’s so hard to face these important days without our loved ones.
Sending a big hug xx

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Hello Misprint

I’ve only just read your post where you describe exactly how I feel( no dogs though !).
It’s been nearly 43 weeks since Ian passed away, and as you rightly said, time is no healer.
I’m just so tired of trying to carry on as if in a way, nothing has happened. This is what other people expect but until it happens to them, they have no idea of how devastating and overwhelming grief is.

Take care of yourself,

X Julie

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@Trixie1 - firstly, this messages comes with loads of love. I really feel for you, going through all this after 40 wonderful years with Ian. This is really hard. I was only with T for 8 years and married for 14 months - and his death broke me. I cannot imagine how you are dealing with this. I know the silent house, the sadness, the weight of it all. Our friends on here understand how we feel, and I find that helps. Each day is an effort, every step so heavy to take. I hope your evening goes well and that you get some good sleep tonight x

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Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes. This site has been such a life saver for me as when I’ve needed someone to share my grief with, it is always there. I honestly don’t know how I would have got through the last 43 weeks without it. It so helps to know that I’m not alone in feeling the way I do.

Take care

Julie x