Hi all,

I lost my grandad (who was more like my dad as he raised me with my nanna from 6 months old) in November suddenly (I also lost my nanna 5 years ago suddenly) I think everything caught up to me after trying to carry on as normal because I had a complete mental breakdown and went into a deep depression. I’m now going through my doctor to get some therapy and I am taking prescription antidepressants. Lots of people have warned me about antidepressants and my family are worried I will become to reliant on them but they are the only thing that’s making me able to function at the moment and feel somewhat normal. I will admit by taking the antidepressants it’s put a wall up to the grief and pain I was feeling and it’s kind of like it never really happened because I don’t really feel much of anything anymore but for me not feeling anything is much better than feeling the pain I was before, I literally felt like I couldn’t breath it hurt so much. The thing that I’m worried about really is that if and when I do have to stop taking the medication I will go back to that grief ridden person I was and I really don’t want to be taking medication for the rest of my life but like I said it’s the only thing that allows me to function at the moment.

Hello @Alisha, I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandad. Well done on recognising that you needed some extra support and reaching out to your GP - it can be really daunting to take that step. I really hope that therapy will help you in coping with what you’ve gone through, and with your grief.

Mind have a really useful guide on antidepressants which you might want to read. The general advice with any medication is that you should always speak to your GP about reducing or stopping any medications, as well as any side effects that you are experiencing.

Please do keep reaching out here - you are not alone.

Take good care,