Anxiety after bereavement

Just wondering if anyone has experienced anxiety after losing a loved one? Since my Mum has died, I’ve been suffering a lot from anxiety to just about the point of complete panic. It might be because it’s a parent.

Yes terrible anxiety. Heart racing. Terrible nightmares. I feel as if I’m suffocating. Mornings are the worst. My Mum died 7 weeks ago.

Hi. Folks. Anxiety is almost inevitable when we suffer such a loss be it child, parent or partner or anyone close. It’s the thought of facing the future alone, of the uncertainty of our lives. The inability to make decisions, the fear that seems to accompany everything we do. But acceptance of what it is, all a part of the grief process, can help.
I suggest that if anyone has physical symptoms of any sort, and to put your mind at rest, see your GP for a check up. Once you are told it’s ‘nerves’ then believe them. No second guessing and emphatically no Googling. Googling symptoms will confuse you all the more.
Once checked out try and accept and not fight or struggle with the symptoms. Panic attacks are awful, but harmless. I suggest mornings are the worse time for so many of us. Our metabolic rate is low, that’s the way our body uses energy, so any fears or nasty thoughts are more likely to come. Often, as the day progresses, we may feel better and say ‘oh well, that’s gone’! Only to find it back again the next day. It will pass, it all does if we accept the symptoms and not struggle with them Difficult? I’ll say, but it can be done. Deep breaths and try and relax a much and as often as you can. It’s OK! It’s normal to feel this way after such a shock and trauma. You will still have grief and for some time yet. But that also can be helped so much by going with it without resistance.
Best wishes. Blessings.

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When we suffer loss and heartbreak it affects every part of us, mind, body and soul. The whole works and hits us all at once like a tornado. It is a very scary time because the world we once knew is no longer the same and will never be the same again. Anxiety is fear based. Until we stop resisting grief and learn to go with the flow, we will continue to experience anxiety. When I lost dad (my world) I suddenly had physical pain and limited mobility in my arm so was referred to a physio who said I had frozen shoulder. I am a member of a spiritual church and as I always seek the spiritual answer, one of the healers said to me it was grief because I was carrying the heavy burden of loss on my shoulders. I also had 3 teeth extracted and again the spiritual meaning is when you have a tooth out they have to pull out the root and yes spiritually my roots/foundation had been pulled from me when my dad died. The left side of your body represents your father and the right side represents your mother just in case anyone is interested in spirituality. Previous to the loss of dad I was physically and mentally in top shape. The anxiety starts to realease it’s grip with acceptance

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Acceptance spiritually, is letting go of the need for the physical presence of our loved one. Their spirit, energy and love never leaves us only the body. Love never separates. I hope this helps
Lyn x

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I forgot to add I can highly recommend a book that will bring some comfort and enlightenment. It’s called Life After Life by Raymond A Moody. It has sold 14 million copies.

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