I lost my son 6 weeks ago suddenly . Till now there is no answer to the cause. The funeral was on Friday 7th January. I have been on mitrazipine for around 17yrs for depression and anxiety. I’m suffering terrible anxiety attacks the last two days I cant control my anxiety. There are lots of issues affecting me around his death. I’m really struggling. My family have been amazing but I feel its unfair to keep burdening them they have their own issues to deal with. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. My whole world has been turned upside down and I’m scared

Sorry for the loss. I too have suffered from anxiety for most of my life and since my husband died the anxiety is dreadful. It manifests in my stomach and is relentless. Sometimes I have been afraid to walk into another room. It sounds so silly but the fear is real. I don’t know how I manage to get from one day to the next. When I panic I cry. It seems to be the only thing that helps. Ever since my husband died ten months ago I have cried everyday. This is not the life we chose. I know we will all die but I didn’t expect this pain. We are all in this together on this site and will try to support each other. I talk to my husband as if he is still here and I talk to my dog. I feel as though this is never ending grief. I have started to speak to a psychotherapist. To offload all my thoughts. I am hoping it will help. I will be thinking about you xx

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Vonnie, please, please talk to your GP and get them to look at psychotherapist through the mental health support team, I really do think you should look at that kind of help instead of increasing the medication. Grief is bad enough without other complications. Nel has said she is seeing a psychotherapist and I know that they can help you find a path through this trouble time. Take care and look after yourself, you are the important person and need help. S xxx

I have just spoken to my daughter she is phoning gp in the morning. I have an acquired brain injury after math of encephalitis 8yrs ago. The smallest thing manifests and it consumes my brain. I feel like my whole inside is shaking and I can’t control it . I feel sick to my stomach. I worry now for my five daughters as I feel I need to protect them against this world. I’m so confused about everything. Not helping that we don’t yet have an answer on the cause of death in my son. My whole world is so upside down at the moment I can’t see away through this darkness

I am pleased your daughter is taking some control of the situation you are in. Let them help and try to relax, just let go, they will amaze you with their strength. You really do need to look after yourself and leave the worry to someone else. Remember there’s no answer to some questions and that may be the way you have to think about your sons death, we don’t know all the answers.
Bless you S xx