Any advice please.

After 3 months of CBT for low mood and anxiety, my therapist today asked me to think about bereavement councilling, she will transfer me to someone so I won’t have to wait. I’m not sure what i should do. It’s the anxiety that is my main issue but because of the lockdown and everything I spend a lot of time on my own and have very little interest in doing things. Christmas is stressing me (even the t.v adverts are winding me up) its been nearly 4 years since my. Husband was killed in a car crash, but more recently I lost my mother earlier this year, I am trying my best to move on, so I’m not sure a change in councilling will be beneficial and what it entails so any advice will be appreciated .

Hi lou001
Your circumstances are different to mine but I had bereavement counselling and CBT after the sudden death of my mum in 2019.
I didnt find bereavement counselling any help but did find CBT quite useful as it provided some techniques and coping mechanisms.
Bereavement counselling was just someone to cry infront of and I used to feel very awkward.
Of course there will be others who completely disagree with me. Personally neither have really helped much. It’s just time and getting used to a new and different life I suppose.
I’m sorry for your losses.

Hi, Cheryl.
Thankyou for your reply, I am thinking along the same lines as you, I’m not getting a lot out of the CBT, the coping strategies we discuss is usually, keep busy, get a hobby etc.
In this climate there is not a lot I can do, I manage to get out twice a week for shopping but apart from that I’m stuck in the house. There’s only so much housework you can do…
So today I decided to do some decorating, the day went quickly but I’m sure I’ll pay for it tomorrow :grin: anyway, I’ve got a couple of weeks to decide what to do but I’m not sure
bereavement councilling is right for me, I don’t think I want to go over the past in any great detail, just want to move on the best I can, thankyou for taking the time to reply
Take care, Lou

Hi Lou
No problem. I hope you find what works for you.
I’m pretty broken 17 months after losing my mum. I dont feel that I will ever be happy again. But I try my best because I have a 13 year old who needs me and because my mum would be so disappointed to see me like this
Cheryl x

Oh Cheryl, I’m so sorry your finding things so difficult 19 months isn’t that long and I’m sure your Mum wouldn’t be disappointed with you, sounds like your doing a great job with your 13 year old . I know what you mean about being happy again, I feel relatively normal when I have the grandkids around they are only little and keep me grounded, but that’s been taken away from us at the moment. Life’s rubbish at the moment hopefully it might get better soon.
Not holding my breath though. Lou x

Thank you Lou…take care of yourself x

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