Anyone else find the weekends hateful?

Why do the weekends seem so depressing now. I used to love weekends. Now i just feel sad and lonely. Why didn’t i ever realise there were people all around me going through this horrible life every day. I feel that it is so un spoke about. Its just a shock when it happens to you.


I know how you feel. It’s horrendous. It’s like the song Eleanor Rigby. I just feel like a misfit now. I am hoping somewhere down the line that my ‘so called’ life will improve as there is no point to being here otherwise. I can’t see it at the moment but who knows? Sending love and peace your way.x


It has been twenty-two months since my dear husband Gordon passed away, and I am sitting here on this weekend thinking ‘ is this what life is like now?’… There is no purpose any more, and I feel as if I am biding my time… The pain and emptiness is always there… So many here are going through this loneliness and confusion…


I feel exactly the same as you, I used to always look forward to the weekend, now I can’t wait for it to be over… I’m finding it really difficult to continue this life or should I say “existence” coz that’s all I’m doing at the moment, just existing feeling like a robot…


I think I’m just lucky that my learning disabled daughter still lives with me so there’s never really a quiet day.
Today I have had the delights of inheritance tax forms to entertain me! :scream:


Me too used to love weekends
Don’t look forward to them anymore as life’s so different .
Have to try keep busy and focus on certainty things eg shopping exercise walking even for hour each day
It certainly helps settle me for the evening and although it takes a big effort definitely. Feel better afterwards .
Benefits of exercise walking swimming cannot be underestimated ! Yes huge effort .however when grieving definitely helps mental health and is a purpose each day which is so important .
If I didn’t walk swim etc would probably spend most of day in bed which would not help at all !!
However everyone at different stages etc


I lost my 30 year old son to suicide 2 weeks ago on Saturday and I always spent time with him at weekends going out walking or exploring old buildings sort of just messing about really but we enjoyed it but now as the weekend gets closer I dread it just knowing I’m going to be sat here on my own just wishing my Daniel was here so we could be going somewhere.


Yes, weekends are dreadful. Most friends are still in couples who are busy with family at weekends. My family are far away. None of my activities and groups that keep me going during the week take place. On Friday night the two days stretch ahead like a desert. I could do things - go to the cinema, go for a walk - but I used to do them with my beloved husband and doing them alone makes me feel the loneliness even more sharply.


I know exactly how you feel bluebell I really do.
I tried going out with my 11 year old for a walk but we didn’t enjoy it I couldn’t tell we was both just thinking 3 weeks ago we was out with Daniel messing about and loving being with each other.

My heart goes out to you @Mark56 . What a terrible tragedy you have suffered and so recently. It will still be so raw and seem impossible to be true I suspect.

I wish you every good blessing to learn to live with your dreadful loss (I doubt many of us believe we will ‘get over’ it) and send love to you and your son. xxx

I feel the same way. I haven’t the words. My heart is broken. :cry::broken_heart:

I too hate weekends ,its bad enough through the week, ,just feels worse at weekends, lost my lovely Husband, last July 25th, i get scared thinking of how times going by, from that day, my Son brought my little Grandson over today, hes only 4months, so i feel better for seeing them, Sundays just feel so long , we did so much together, me and my Husband, married nearly 40 years in April, now i just get along, best I can, so many of us going through this awful time, i wish you all peace and love, xx

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Hi Milliemmolie, my life is similar to yours… i love how you said you are owned by a small dog! The morning walks mean we have to go out too… i have no family as our son died and with a second hip replacement in the next few weeks due to osteoarthritis, the prospects are grim… Noone to talk things over with or gain encouragement from…Every day is empty… Our little furries do make us smile and give so much back… This community gives us a lifeline in the dark… Best wishes to all…


Hi Millemmollie, what kind is your little dog? Have you had since a puppy? Are you getting any physio for the arthritis? The less we do, the less we can; but how when it is so painful! We used to live in Carshalton Surrey when we were first married… Now our house is in Greenford Middlesex… i hate to say ‘I’ now as it was ‘we’ for fifty years… How about you?

Hi Milliemmolie,… Looking after our partner leaves a legacy doesnt it… Not surprising you have anxiety… Friends are wonderful, but our loved one made us feel safe… Sending you wishes for ease in body and mind…Big hug.x