Anyone near DEEPCAR sheffield

I have been in contact with a fellow sufferer who can’t handle the technology on this site via e mail. She has really been going through it and would like to contact/meet with anyone near her as she is very lonely.
I cannot help as I am in Somerset.
She lost her partner in just the last few months. Not married or in a civil partnership so cannot access one bank account. The week before the funeral her heating gave up and she had a leak which brought the ceiling down in the lounge. Since then her knee gave way and she fell and due to a previous injury couldn’t get up. Managed to contact her neighbour who got her up. Later went up to bed but fell again and didn’t contact her neighbour as she had locked up and got him out of bed once. 2 hours later managed to get up. Suffering with possible cracked ribs and badly bruised arm. Now her heating has gone off again. She would very much like to get together with people who understands what it is like to grieve. If you would be prepared to meet her PM me and I will provide her e mail address. It’s her birthday Sunday. I have sent her a small present to help her keep going.

Xx. Sandra


Whereabouts in Somerset are you @Pudding I live in Exeter but my daughter is in Somerset and I go to hers quite often. She is in Taunton xx

I am in crewkerne.

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@Pudding bit of a trek from Taunton, as I don’t drive public transport it would be. Maybe :thinking: it could be sorted for a meet up when the weather gets better xx

@Annde i don’t drive either and have mobility issues which make getting anywhere difficult. Public transport is terrible but would love to meet if we can arrange it.

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We will sort something out once the new year comes. My daughter and SIL might bring me over one weekend and make it a day out for them x