Appreciate your partner

Does anyone else ever wish that someone you knew had lost their partner so that this would have shaken you into really appreciating what you had? I don’t say that to be cruel, I don’t want anyone else to suffer, I just wish I’d known how I would feel when I lost him. I would have loved him even more.
I feel like shouting this to my friends - don’t take your partners for granted, you never know how long you have them for :pensive:


Hello, I think most of us on here would totally agree with you. I tell people to tell their partners that they love them every single day. Wrap their arms around each other and enjoy each other. S xx


It sounds like you couldn’t have loved him more @Flossy3 :two_hearts:

I have family and friends who will one day lose their partner and often wonder what this will be like for them and I cringe waiting for the terrible fall into grief knowing that this terrible pain will visit them at some point in the future and I hope they realise what they have in their loved ones.

I used to wonder if I took my dear husband for granted, I always made a point of thanking him for anything he did. Did I take him for granted? Of course I did. There are so many little things that I am now so grateful for and I wish I had realised what they were before so that I could have told him ‘thank you’ for those things too.