As if I did not have enough problems ...

I have been trying to contact my solicitor to try and sort out my partner’s liabilities so that I can get an executor loan approved. I have been ringing several times and all I get is ‘your call is very important to us, please wait for the next available agent’ over and over again. What a joke! This is pretty poor for an established practice of lawyers. I have also emailed them with no reply.

These are the lawyers my partner used for many years, so I really do not know what is going on.

Isn’t it bad enough to lose someone without having to contend with this?

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How frustrating this must be for you.
I would suggest to try snail mail. Write them a short note, telling them you really need to get in touch with them urgently and give them your phone number(s) and e-mail adress. Post it with a first class stamp. You never know, it may work better than phoning and emailing.

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I know it’s an absolute minefield dealing with all the admin as well as grieving at the same time. You feel like shouting “haven’t I suffered enough”. Hopefully you’ll soon get in touch and things will get sorted. It look me months after my husband died to sort his affairs but luckily I had some savings of my own which kept me going.

To be burdened with extra legal affairs must be a nightmare in itself.
All the best

Sadly nobody tells you all the legal stuff you have to deal with, like you say when your grieving it’s even harder as you need time to grief and look after yourself and young family before your capable of dealing with any paperwork. Three months on and I am still trying to sort things out, it’s a mine field.
I wish you all luck dealing with the bureaucracy through this very difficult time x