As time goes by the life id envisaged for me and Jayne

im not living a normal existence since losing my soulmate.watching some of our fav programs gives a little solace and passes the time.As time goes by we watched religiously even brought the box set.i imagined life for me and Jayne being like Jean and Lionel ,sadly we never even got to the age were they were reunited and got married.just having the company of Jayne made my life worth living.Jayne worked hard and I made sure she didn’t have to life a finger when she was home.missing Jayne like crazy I love you baby.

Oh Ian. I dread the day I have to live without my husband. He says the same. It does come to us all. My dad is very very lonely without my mum. He just potters about. It’s a cruel business for those left behind. It’s alright for our angels up there floating about without a care in the world. Us down here it’s just too damn hard.

Thinking of you.

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thank you Jooles45
for taking time to give me a very nice response.
very much appreciated

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