Ashes - what on earth happens to them?


My husbands ashes have been scattered a week ago, at a memorial garden at the crematorium.

I guess I was expecting them to be absorbed by now or at least to sink into the ground, especially with the terrible weather we’ve been having.

But no, they are still there, literally untouched since the scattering? They look so prominent still, I was a bit shocked to still see them looking so freakishly fresh.

Is this normal? It feels so wrong to just see them on the ground, as if they’ve just been dumped there. When will the elements take them?


Hi Mags, firstly I am so sorry that you have lost your husband but it’s good you have found this forum to share your feelings.
I lost my husband 4 months ago the crematorium arranged to have his ashes buried within the grounds and I was able to go and partake in the brief ceremony. I said a few words and laid some flowers. I don’t know what will happen in your situation but perhaps the crematorium can answer your question.
Jen x

When my husband died eight years ago, I decided to keep his ashes in our home until I died then they would be scattered together. After he had died and I had received the ashes from the undertaker, I did read up about what happens to a person’s ashes when scattered on the ground and it said, ashes need to be raked into the ground if scattered in a small area, but if scattered into the wind they would fall gently and not accumulate in one spot.

I hope this helps.