I wonder has anyone else felt good hugging loved ones ashes but then felt guilty that they are not letting them go free. I am keeping some of mams in a ring. Such mixed emotions. I just want her back so desperately, i cry so much, she was my world

I’m sure there is a lot of people who feel exactly like you do, and there is nothing wrong with that, you must do whatever makes you feel closer to her, there is no time scale to this, over time I’m sure you will find things getting a little easier but in the meantime, take a day at a time, dont look into the future, just concentrate on the here and now, sending love and hugs xx

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Jeeny my heart goes out to you. . Ashes feel like the very last remaining tangible part or loved one that remains. I think it’s so natural to want to keep them forever and you don’t need to feel you have to part with your mum’s until or if you’re ready. 2 months on and I have my husband’s ashes with me , on the bed at night then I carry him downstairs in the morning. I talk to him a lot and it gives me great comfort. Your mum is with you x

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