Hi all, so six months ago my nan passed, im beyond deverstated she was my world my rock my everything,
im going abroad soon as my nan lived in lanzarote for 33 years i tried to get a hotel/apartments in lanza but nowhere was avaliable so i decided to go Fuerteventura which is the next island to lanzarote and you can get the ferry to lanzarote for the day.

i wanted to take some of my nans ashes to scatter on the beach and into the sea as she loved the beach and swimming in the sea, but not allowed to take ashes on the plane you need permission and a death certificate etc.
so today (sunday) ive decided to visit my local lake its beautiful and i would take my daughters there as toddlers so its a special place to me. its so tranquil and quite a large lake full of trees ducks and birds :bird: so so beautiful.
i have a little poem im going to read out, I feel i need to do this for my beautiful nan. and everytime i go to the lake ill know she will be there

sending love and strength to you all :heart::heart:

love Chelle xx


Dear @Chelle-luan
I am sorry to hear of the loss of your nan and that you are unable to take her ashes with you to Fuerteventura. Visiting the lake with your daughters is lovely and will be a reminder that your nan is there and you can go as often as you like unlike abroad. I do hope the day goes as expected for you and please feel free to share the poem with the Community if you wish to.

Take care.


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Hi Pepsi,
ive just got back it was lovely and sunny l, i decided to play frank sinatra i did it my way as my nan loved that song and its was perfect.
your absolutely right i can go to the lake anytime its a beautiful lake i dont know how to upload photos on here

thank you for your message

lots of love chelle xx

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Dear @Chelle-luan

How lovely to receive your update. I am so pleased for you. It all worked out in the end for you. Thank you for sharing an update, that was very thoughtful of you.

To upload photos - when you reply to a comment you type in the box. At the top of the box are 9 icons. The photos is the landscape/mountain one next to the smiley face .

Please continue to reach out anytime and take care of yourself and your daughters and enjoy many happy memories at the lake.

Pepsi xx

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Hi Pepsi,
Thank you for your message, i uploaded 4 pics yay,
bless you you take care

love chelle xx

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My husband was a big chelsea fan so i had this casket made for his ashes


Beautiful photos Chelle
Thank you for sharing them
Deborah x